With the Insurers auditing jobs, the last profit center in your shop is labour.  Labour costing has long been a problem, but we have developed Costex to be the solution.  There are no Swipe cards to lose, break or melt.  No keypads for employees to type incorrect data into.  In fact, Costex is so indestructible that we have patented it.  All the Costex hardware and software has been designed and built in-house.  Not only does this allow us to continue development with the system, but we are also able to support it in full – there is no third party hardware which we are reliant upon!
How it all goes together :

  • Each department has a Costex box on the wall
  • Each Employee has a unique ID Button
  • Each job has a unique Jack Plug

1. Employees “clock in” when arriving at work for the day.

2. The Jobcard (Repair Order) number is pre-programmed into an electronic device built into a jackplug.  The jackplug is attached to a plastic jobcard holder.

3. Each time an employee starts work on a job, he (or she) will insert the jackplug into the jackplug receptacle mounted on the appropriate box. He will then “touch” his personal ID button to the box and the electronics will transmit this data to a centralized MPU (Master Process Unit) which will time stamp the data and store it.  The MPU makes this data available for instant retrieval by a computer, allowing the TeamWork system to “Track” the job.

4. Employees never “clock off” a job once completed, but simply clock onto the next one.  If someone leaves early (go to the dentist, etc) they would “clock off” the premises.

5. Every department or sub-department may have as many of these clock stations as required.  The average Panelshop would require a “Clock in/out” box, a “Strip & Assemble” box, a “Paint” box and a “Panelbeating” box.

Some shops break these departments further, such as “Flatting”, “Masking”, “Wash bay”, etc.  Each of these departments will then have their own control boxes so that the workshop manager is able to track a vehicle throughout the shop.

New Features

  • Parts Problem box :

If the workshop encounters a problem with parts on a particular vehicle; from “incorrectly ordered parts” to “waiting for parts”; they simply clock the job into the Parts Problem box and then clock onto the next job.  This information will then be recorded in Costex AND on the RO of TeamWork.  If you are running REMINDEX then a warning screen will automatically pop-up on one or more computer to tell you about the issue.