Teamwork Management System

TeamWork is a panelshop management system which gives the user complete control over the day-to-day operation of the business.  It can taken for granted that TeamWork is able to produce the usual job cards, part orders, invoices, debtors and creditors, but,Teamwork also offers some other features outside of the “usual and expected”.

Take a tour through the TeamWork system…

The Audatex Interface :

One of the great things about the “information age” is the sharing of data and the two best known info companies in our industry have done just that.

Audatex and TMS have developed an interface which allows the two systems to exchange data and simplify your daily operations.  There are two ways which a repair facility can get an Audatex quote :

  • Prepared by an Insurance Assessor
  • Prepared by the Panelshop

With the interface in place, getting the Audatex quote into TeamWork is a simply matter of “Drag and Drop”.  If the quote is prepared by an Assessor, simply ask the assessor to e-mail it to you.  Once you have the file, simply drag it onto the TeamWork desktop and drop it there – TeamWork will create a new Damage Report and read all the data in.  If the quote is prepared by the Panelshop, the procedure is even simpler – create a new Damage Report, right click the mouse, select “Import Audatex” and enter the correct registration number – TeamWork does the rest.

The Audatex Interface has been enthusiastically received by the entire industry – Insurers and assessors are able to e-mail the Audatex quotes to repairers, and the number of Repairers who prepare their own Audatex listings and then use the interface facility is growing monthly.

There is no simpler way to work with an Audatex listing!

TeamWork has the following features :-

  • An import interface with the Audatex system so that quotes do not have to be re-entered.
  • Printing of labels to stick on parts when they are delivered.
  • Employee / Job clocking to keep the system instantly updated with repair progress as well as provide real time job profit analysis . *
  • Instant SMS facilities to keep the vehicle owner informed of repair progress. **
  • Full CSI facilities for internal Customer Relationship control, complete with management reports and statistics.
  • An automated export facility to email the necessary data for external CSI control to “KA Smart”. **
  • Exporting all and any reports produced in the TeamWork system into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet / Microsoft Word / and Adobe Acrobat  format.
  • A pop-up reminder system to help ensure that promises to customers are kept. **
  • Interface into the Plascon paint costing system.
  • Real time Costing and Gross profit analysis per job.
  • Workshop flow planning on a daily basis.

*  Requires “Productivity – Integrating Costex
**  Requires an add-on additional cost – Contact Us for more info